Faculty coordinators are persons responsible for the merits of the exchange (courses to choose and validate during the exchange).
Next to each name, there are the disciplines/fields of study this person is responsible for – it should be an indiator for students to choose a coordinator who will be repsonsible for their exchange.

Erasmus/Bilateral agreements – in the LAs, it is their data that you should write in the section Commitment as ‘supervisor/responsible person in the receiving institution‘ (not to be confused with ‘contact person in the receiving institution‘ who is always an international relations officer: https://dsm.usz.edu.pl/en/contact-us/).

Faculty of Economics, Finance and Management

Economics and finance: dr hab. Agnieszka Majewska, prof US
e-mail: agnieszka.majewska@usz.edu.pl

Management and quality: dr Marta Szaja
e-mail: marta.szaja@usz.edu.pl

Socio-economic geography and spatial management (tourism): dr Leszek Gracz
e-mail: leszek.gracz@usz.edu.pl

division of ISCED codes between coordinators

faculty website

Faculty of Health and Physical Education

Physical education and health: dr Anna Nowakowska
e-mail: anna.nowakowska@usz.edu.pl

faculty website

Faculty of Humanities

German, Norwegian, Russian studies: dr Małgorzata Osiewicz-Maternowska
e-mail: malgorzata.osiewicz-maternowska@usz.edu.pl

English, Spanish, Polish, French, Italian studies, global communication, journalism: dr Małgorzata Sokół
e-mail: malgorzata.sokol@usz.edu.pl

Archeology, history, philosophy: dr hab. Pierre-Frederic Weber, prof. US
e-mail: pierre.weber@usz.edu.pl

faculty website

Faculty of Law and Administration

Law: dr hab. Krystyna Nizioł, prof US
e-mail:  krystyna.niziol@usz.edu.pl

faculty website

Faculty of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Biology: dr hab. Paulina Niedźwiedzka-Rystwej, prof. US
e-mail: paulina.niedzwiedzka-rystwej@usz.edu.pl

Physics, mathematics: dr Jekatierina Sklyar
e-mail: jekatierina.sklyar@usz.edu.pl

Geography, geology, oceanology: dr Krystyna Osadczuk
e-mail: krystyna.osadczuk@usz.edu.pl

faculty website

Faculty of Social Sciences

Political science and administration, pedagogy, psychology, sociology: dr Mateusz Smolaga
e-mail: mateusz.smolaga@usz.edu.pl

Faculty of Theology

Theology: dr Diana del Mastro
e-mail: diana.delmastro@usz.edu.pl

faculty website

Doctoral School

dr hab. Jarosław Korpysa, prof. US
e-mail: jaroslaw.korpysa@usz.edu.pl

DS website