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    • 24 SEP 21

    Foreigners at USz – phone app

    There is a new app for exchange students and staff available at the Google store. Apple version will be available soon. The app’s goal is to facilitate the stay of English-speaking students, researchers, and visitors at the USz. Above all, the app serves as a guide for foreigners at the USz, in order to make it

    • 20 AUG 21

    Rules of entry to Poland

    As the beginning of the new academic year approached, you can check rules of entry to Poland at the website of the Polish Border Guard: https://strazgraniczna.pl/pl/cudzoziemcy/covid-epidemia-koronawi/8578,Outbreak-of-coronavirus-rules-of-entry-and-stay-on-the-territory-of-the-Republic.html   If you come to Germany first and then to Poland (e.g. you come to Berlin by plane and then you go to Szczecin by bus), please  also check

    • 19 AUG 21
    EU4Belarus: The call for applications for students

    EU4Belarus: The call for applications for students

    The European Union under the “EU4Belarus: Solidarity with the people of Belarus” programme is launching a call for proposals for EU4Belarus – SALT (Support for Advanced Learning and Training) scholarships for Belarusian students who are already studying at universities in Lithuania, Latvia,Czechia, and Poland, as well as for those who will start their studies in

    • 07 JUN 21
    ICon Grants 2021 for USZ staff

    ICon Grants 2021 for USZ staff

    The SGroup – Universities in Europe (SGroup) network open a call for the SGroup ICon Grants 2021. The InterContinental Academic Exchange Programme (ICon) aims at promoting and facilitating collaboration between SGroup members and its overseas partners through a short mobility scheme for academic and administrative staff members.