• 07 JUN 21
    ICon Grants 2021 for USZ staff

    ICon Grants 2021 for USZ staff

    The SGroup – Universities in Europe (SGroup) network open a call for the SGroup ICon Grants 2021. The InterContinental Academic Exchange Programme (ICon) aims at promoting and facilitating collaboration between SGroup members and its overseas partners through a short mobility scheme for academic and administrative staff members.The ICon partnership for 2021 is composed of the SGroup member universities on the European side and universities of Latin America (members of the Grupo Montevideo Association), China and Africa. 14 grants (6 for Latin America, 6 for China and 2 for Africa), each of €1000, will be awarded to selected candidates for a study visit at partner institutions.

    The call is open for University of Szczecin academic and administrative staff. If you are interested, please send the following documents to international@usz.edu.pl by 15 July 2021:

    • application form provided at Sgroup website;
    • a short CV;
    • a motivation letter including information about the aim of the research, influence and benefits for the home and hosting institutions, description of the previous collaboration;
    • a short description of a candidate’s activities approved by the Director of the home institute (home institution statement);
    • a letter of support from the hosting institution.

    All applications will be assessed by the Senate’s Commision for International Cooperation. The commission will choose 1 application for each region and submmit the canddatures to SGroup. All candidates will be informed about the qualification progress via e-mail.

    More information, including documnt templates and guideline are available HERE