• 29 MAJA 19

    Invitiation to participation in research

    Dear Erasmus exchange Students,

    I would like to invite you to take participation in the research on entrepreneurship intentions of young people. This research will be done in threefold areas:

    1. Questionnaire with checking your entrepreneurship intentions.
    2. Research on your personal risk attitudes – we check in economics’ experiment if you are risk taker or you afraid of risk taking.
    3. Genetics background of your personal behavior. We will check 5 genes that possible steer our entrepreneurial decisions.

    Taking part in the research is fully voluntary. Carried out on your biological research will be a source of genetic information that will be treated as strictly confidential. Any information about you will be entered into the database only with a numeric identifier, while being deprived of your names so that it was impossible to recognize a person. This procedure is completely painless and safe.

    Regarding the economics’ experiment there is possibility to win up to 20 PLN in a game. The details will be provided during the research.

    As an outcome we guarantee to each research participant:

    1. Win some money (up to 20 PLN)
    2. Get research result on your personal risk attitude
    3. Get genotype of you in the area of entrepreneurship and risk.

    The research coordinator is prof Tomasz Bernat, Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Szczecin

    The place of research: Faculty of Economics and Management, ul. Mickiewicza 64, Szczecin, room 101/102

    Time: 30th May (Thursday) 12.15 hour

    The contact to research providers:

    Prof Tomasz Bernat: tomasz.bernat@usz.edu.pl

    Sultan Merve: sultanmervectn@gmail.com