• 01 MAR 21

    Microsoft 365 software for incoming students

    Dear Students, Everyone participating in the virtual exchange/online classes should have received their email address in the University’s domain. You have been granted access to Microsoft 365 software in order to participate in your selected courses via MS Teams.

     Log in to the website https://www.office.com/ with your university e-mail address in the @stud.usz.edu.pl domain and then in the upper right corner click on the “Install Office suite” button, selecting from the list ” Office 365 applications ”(Installation is possible on Windows 8.1 and above, and also on Mac OS).
    After installation, run any Microsoft 365 application, eg Word, and then activate the software by logging in to Microsoft 365 via your e-mail address and password.
    Please, note that before doing that, you need to log out from any Office 365 applications that are connected to the email addresss other than the “stud.usz.edu.pl”.
    Please change temporary password in your “stud.usz.edu.pl” email address before logging in to Office 365.