There are lots of way to get around our city and here you can learn more about them!

Public transportation

Please download the Excel file to get to know the ticket fares.
ZDiTM – DAYTIME NETWORK (trams, buses) – TRAM NETWORK – check connections (change language in top right corner)

Where to buy tickets:
1. ticket office –,kasy-biletowe (we suggest going with a Polish friend, as not every employee speaks English!),
2. online – eg. SkyCash, available for free for your phone (up to 3-month tickets, no 4- or 5-month tickets),
3. in the bus/tram – be careful, because some machines takes both cards and coins, but others either cards or coins.

Please validate ticket every time you use public transportation, because the penalties for not having a ticket are high (200/400 PLN).

Until you get your student ID card, you have to use normal tickets – in case you have a discount ticket and do not have student ID card – the penalties are 180/360 PLN.

City bikes – website of the Bike_S, Szczecin’s city bikes. All you need (and want) to know in one place.

Top up your account with 20 PLN
First 20 minutes are for free
21 – 60 minutes – 1PLN
Many stations all around the city (close to every faculty)
Available from ~March until ~November/October (depending on the weather)


There are many taxis in Szczecin and sometimes it is more convenient to use them instead of public transportation or bikes.

Please follow some simple rules when using a taxi:
1. order a taxi on your phone or online – do not use taxis waiting on a parking lot, especially near the train station (such waiting taxis are usually way more expensive and sometimes without licence),
2. use a verified company – ads in the dorm, advice from a Polish friend,
3. be prepared to pay in cash. If you want to pay by card, please specify it when ordering a taxi on the phone.