Here is a list of currently available international conferences within PROM programme.

Alone Together

ALONE TOGETHER AGAIN (ATA): A Second International Pandisciplinary Symposium on Solitude in Community – Szczecin 2020. The structure of the symposium will try to bring out three dimensions of aloneness (that is, solitude, silence and loneliness), and the different experiences of aloneness at different life stages from childhood to old age. We welcome papers and posters on any issues related to solitude, silence and loneliness, from any discipline.  At the end of the first symposium, several topics were suggested as in particular need for further research and discussion.

17- 19 September 2020, Szczecin, Poland
ATA’s website

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Past conferences

Multilingual Practice

International Conference on  Multilingual Practice. The conference is affiliated with AILA Research Network „Social and Affective Factors in Home Language Maintenance & Development”. We invite papers on topics related to social, socio-cognitive, psychological and educational aspects of bilingualism and multilingualism.

24-26th February 2020 in Szczecin, Poland

International Conference on  Multilingual Practice website

CANCELED: 11th International Scientific Conference and 6th Workshop in Management

11th International Scientific Conference and 6th Workshop in Management: „Economy, Management, Environment” Innovations and Entrepreneurship

19 – 21st  May 2020 in Szczecin, Poland

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This list is a subject to change. Past events will be removed from the website and new conferences may be added.

Active participation is required. You may prepare a poster, participate in the flash talk or give a presentation.