• 24 SEP 21

    Foreigners at USz – phone app

    There is a new app for exchange students and staff available at the Google store.
    Apple version will be available soon.

    The app’s goal is to facilitate the stay of English-speaking students, researchers, and visitors at the USz.

    Above all, the app serves as a guide for foreigners at the USz, in order to make it easy for new students and other guests to move around between buildings and campuses, as well as around the city. It contains important information about the university, its functioning (e.g. academic calendar, list of faculties with their websites), the city, and living in Poland (e.g. residence permit, healthcare).

    The application was created as part of the project “Raising the competences of academic staff and the institution’s potential in accepting people from abroad – Welcome to Poland” (PPI/WTP/2019/1/00036) under the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development co-financed by the European Social Fund.