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    • 14 JUL 23
    7th International Staff Training Week

    7th International Staff Training Week

    International Relations Dept. of the University of Szczecin is excited to meet old and new friends from various partner institutions at the international staff training week. We are looking forward to present our ideas for the common projects and learn about yours. Let’s meet in Szczecin and start a new academic year together.

    • 12 MAY 23

    SGroup BIP on Doctoral Education

    The SGroup BIP on Doctoral Education delivers high quality joint training  enriched by the different approaches of the participating universities using the strengths of the several participants. The programme is organized by University of Valladolid and Doctoral School of the University of Szczecin is acting as a partner.

    • 26 APR 23

    01-03/05/2023 – closed IRD

    From 01 to 03/05/2023 the IRD will be closed.  We invite you again from 04/05/2023. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    • 31 MAR 23

    07/04/2023 – shorter opening hours

    On 7 April, 2023 the Central Administration of the US works only until 12:00.