• 28 FEB 19
    Welcome to the University of Szczecin

    Welcome to the University of Szczecin

    Dear Erasmus Students,

    we’re starting a new semester with Welcome Day on 1st March (Friday) 2019 at 10.00 am at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Participation is obligatory.

    There are faculty meetings next week (see list below) with your faculty coordinators. You will receive your class schedule there and consult your Learning Agreement. Participation in a faculty meeting is obligatory as well. If you are not sure how to reach a meeting place, consult this map.

    Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
    1st March, at 12.45 pm, room 410

    Faculty of Economics and Management
    4th March, at 9:00 am, room 0315

    Faculty of Geosciences
    4th March, at 9.00 am, room 217

    Faculty of Theology
    5th March, at 12.00, room tbc

    Faculty of Management and Economics of Services
    5th March, at 9:00, room 300 SIL

    Faculty of Humanities
    6th March, at 10.00 am, room 006

    Faculty of Philology, German Departament
    7th March, at 2pm, building 4, room 116

    Faculty of Law and Administration
    21st March at 11.30 am, room tbc

    If you don’t see your faculty/departament on the list, please write to the faculty/departamental coordinator directly.