Students from EU/EEA countries are entitled to medical services on the basis of form E-111, European Card of Health Insurance or equivalent. The forms should be obtained from students’ national health services before their trip to Poland. They should be presented upon registration at a public medical centre.

For further information see (Health care in Poland)

ERASMUS+ students are advised to consult doctors at the University of Szczecin medical centre (Przychodnia Lekarska Uniwerstytetu Szczecińskiego):

  1. Bohaterów Warszawy street 75
    open: Monday – Friday, 7.30-18.00
    (+4891) 444-28-70
  2. al. Wojska Polskiego 97
    Monday – Friday 7.30 – 18.00
    +91 422 12 87

Students from non EU/EEA countries should purchase health insurance in Poland immediately after their arrival (it is suggested that travel insurance should cover the travel and initial stay). Monthly cost is ca. 50 – 60 PLN

Zachodniopomorski Oddział Wojewódzki NFZ (local National Health Fund)
ul. Arkońska 45, 71-470 Szczecin,
tel. (+48 91) 425 10 00, fax (+48 91) 425 11 88, e-mail:


If you do not require ambulance, but still require professional emergency help, eg. broken arm, very high fewer (39,5-40°) – there are hospitals in Szczecin – please check the nearest one and go.

If you have to go to the doctors, but due to weekend/late hour cannot get an appointment, there are special medical centers opened during night hours and on weekends – please check the nearest one and go.

Here’s a map with medical centers and hospitals:


Phone for all emergencies: 112
the consultants will choose and send a proper service – police / ambulance / fire dept.

Emergency phones for:
1. ambulances: 999
2. fire dept.: 998
3. police: 997