Procedure for the conclusion of cooperation agreements and letters of intent with foreign entities

  1. The procedure applies to the conclusion of cooperation agreements and letters of intent with foreign entities, regardless of their legal status and the nature of their statutory activity. A foreign entity is each entity which has its main seat outside the territory of the Republic of Poland, irrespective of the existence of possible subsidiaries or branches of the entity on the territory of our country.
  2. A request for a cooperation agreement or a letter of intent should include:
    a) the name of the partner entity and its address,
    b) the intended scope of international cooperation,
    c) the appointment of a contact person from the partner entity with whom details concerning the preparation of the contract will be agreed (administrative staff member),
    d) identification of a contact person from the US with substantive responsibility for achieving the objectives of the agreement,
  3. A motion to be considered at a particular meeting of the Senate should be tabled within a timeframe allowing for compliance with the requirements set out in the Regulations for holding Senate meetings, appendix 5 to the Statutes of the University of Szczecin, § 3, paragraphs 1-3, establishing the procedure and timeframe for conducting work on documents prepared for consideration by the Senate, including the expression of opinions by Senate committees (§ 65, paragraph 1 of the US Statutes).
  4. A person interested in expressing willingness to cooperate with a foreign entity in the form of an international agreement or a letter of intent is required to obtain the
    written approval of the relevant institute’s director or the dean of the faculty, depending on the scope of the agreement or letter in question.
  5. After receiving the motion approved in accordance with point 3 from the interested party, the International Relations Department of the US obtains the consent of the Vice-Rector in charge of international cooperation for further actions.
  6. At the end of the activities provided for in point 4 of the procedure a contract shall be prepared:
    a) on the basis of a model established for the purpose of the University of Szczecin, or
    b) on the basis of a template proposed by the foreign entity.
  7. In the case when the initiative of signing the agreement lies on the side of a foreign entity that has declared its willingness to sign the agreement directly to the authorities of the University of Szczecin, the application is prepared by the International Relations Department, applying respectively the rules defined in p. 4 and 5 of the procedure.
  8. The text of the agreement to be concluded according to the template proposed by the foreign entity must be provided to the International Relations Department also in Polish and approved by the Legal Department.
  9. The person interested in signing the contract is responsible for the translation into a foreign language of any amendments to the content of the contract after it has been approved by the Legal Department.
  10. At the request of the International Relations Department, the Chair of the Senate Committee
    for International Cooperation convenes a meeting in order to provide an opinion on the legitimacy of signing agreements with a foreign entity that have gone through this procedure. The essence of cooperation on the basis of the assessed agreement shall be referred to by the person interested in its conclusion.
  11. Agreements that receive a favourable opinion from the committee shall be reported by the International Relations Department to the US Senate for the required opinion.
  12. After obtaining the opinion of the US Senate, the agreements are forwarded to the Rector of the University of Szczecin for signature and then to the foreign entities.
  13. Contracts shall be concluded in English and, at the request of foreign entities, in other languages. In matters of dispute, the English language content of the agreement shall be deemed to be binding.
  14. Contracts with foreign entities shall be registered in the International Relations Department.
  15. In justified cases, the agreement on cooperation with a foreign entity may be signed first by the foreign entity and then by the Rector of the University of Szczecin, maintaining the actions defined in p. 6 and 7.