In order to GET YOUR STUDENT ID CARD, you have to make a bank transfer first.
Below you can find an instruction on how to find the data needed to make such a transfer.

After you receive your personal email address in the domain, please log into the e-proDziekan service:
Login data:
1 – Login (Username): your email address in the domain
2 – Hasło (Password): password to the university email address

After logging in, please choose in the left menu tab
1 – “Opłaty” (payments)
and then
2 – “należności” (dues)

In there, you can check:
1 – Your individual bank account number
2 – Number of invoice
3 – Payment deadline
4 – Amount to be paid in PLN

If you click on the number of invoice (2 on the print screen above), you will see full details concerning the due payment
1 – Number of the document
2 – Amount to be paid in PLN
3 – Bank account number to which the payment should be made
4 – Name of the payment recipient
5 – Address of the payment recipient

IMPORTANT – name of the title should be “opłata za dokumenty(payment for documents)


After making the payment, it takes ca. 2 weeks to print the student ID card.

In order to make sure that it’s ready and that you can pick it up (you have to make an appointment first), please contact your dean’s office:

  1. Fac. of Economics, Finance and Management:
  2. Fac. of Health and Physical Education –
  3. Fac. of Humanities –
  4. Fac. of Law and Administration –
  5. Fac. of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences –
  6. Fac. of Social Sciences –
  7. Fac. of Theology –