Grading system of the University of Szczecin

 After every 15–week semester, the students are required to complete the semester and pass all the examinations required by the curriculum. Those students who did not pass all the examinations required in the given semester, are allowed to repeat the examinations they did not pass; this means that every student is allowed to take every examination twice. A student is allowed not to take the examination on the first set date, but in such a case he loses the chance of taking the examination again in case of failure.

At the University the following marking system is used:

Polish grade Description ECTS grade
5 VERY GOOD outstanding performance with only minor mistakes A
4+ (4,5) BETTER THAN GOOD above the average standard but with some errors B
4 GOOD generally sound work with a number of notable errors C
3+ (3,5) SATISFACTORY fair but with significant shortcomings D
3 SUFFICIENT performance meets the minimum criteria E
2 FAIL performance does not meet the minumum criteria F, FX


Statistical grading scale:
Faculty of Economics, Finance and Management
Faculty of Health and Physical Education
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Law and Administration
Faculty of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Theology