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    • 03 APR 20

    Coronavirus outbreak – special solutions for foreigners

    In connection with the current epidemiological situation, on 31 March 2020 came into force an act providing, inter alia, special solutions for foreigners in Poland. The regulations will allow people who want to pursue their current purpose of stay or cannot leave Poland due to the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus to stay legally in the

    • 25 MAR 20

    @stud.usz.edu.pl accounts for exchange students

    Students who need to participate in online classes via MS Teams and Office 365 tools are being assigned new accounts at UoS domain in order to access their courses. They will receive a message in Polish informing them that the account has been created.

    • 17 MAR 20

    Foreign Embassies in Poland

    Embassy Address Contact by e-mail Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Goplańska 1, 02-954 Warszawa warsaw@mfa.af Embassy of the Republic of Albania   Altowa 1, 02-386 Warszawa   ambasada@albania.waw.pl embassy.warsaw@mfa.gov.al Embassy of Armenia   Bekasów 50, 02-803 Warszawa   sekretariat@armenia.internetdsl.pl consul@armenia.internetdsl.pl Embassy of Azerbaijan in Poland Zwycięzców 12, 03-941 Warszawa warsaw@mission.mfa.gov.az Embassy of Belarus, Poland

    • 12 MAR 20

    Coronavirus update: Executive Order no 28/2020

    Rector of the University of Szczecin Executive Order no 28/2020 Concerning the prevention of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus among the academic community of the University of Szczecin