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    • 03 MAR 22
    Welcome Day

    Welcome Day

    The Welcome Session will be held online on 04 March 2022 at 10:00. Please access the meeting shortly before the designated hour using a link sent to you by email. If you already have access your email account in the usz.edu.pl domain, you can use that account to log into the MS Teams before opening

    • 24 FEB 22
    University of Szczecin in solidarity with Ukraine

    University of Szczecin in solidarity with Ukraine

    On behalf of the entire academic community of the University of Szczecin, we would like to express our depest concern over the recent invasion on Ukraine. The bond between Poland and Ukraine has been strenghtened over past years thanks to many Ukrainians who live in Poland and are valued members of our society.

    • 17 FEB 22

    Rules of entry to Poland

    As the beginning of the new semester is approaching, you can check rules of entry to Poland at the website of the Polish Border Guard: https://strazgraniczna.pl/pl/cudzoziemcy/covid-epidemia-koronawi/8578,Outbreak-of-coronavirus-rules-of-entry-and-stay-on-the-territory-of-the-Republic.html   If you come to Germany first and then to Poland (e.g. you come to Berlin by plane and then you go to Szczecin by bus), please  also check

    • 09 FEB 22
    ICon Grants 2022 for USZ staff

    ICon Grants 2022 for USZ staff

    The InterContinental Academic Exchange Programme (ICon) finds its origin in longlasting collaboration links between the SGroup network and its members, and institutions located in strategic regions linked to the Think Tank Academy.