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    • 04 OCT 21

    Classes and other activities in the a.y. 2021/2022

    In the new academic year, new rules will apply to the method of conducting classes and other forms of activity, which regulate: DECISION NO. 193.2021 Appendix to the Decision – epidemiological survey Notice No 7.2021 Please read the new regulations and obey all the restrictions and precautions.

    • 29 SEP 21

    Student Residence Halls – new prices!

    On 27/09/2021 by the Order No. 197/2021 of the Rector of the University of Szczecin, new prices at the Student Residence Halls were set for the academic year 2021/2022. Please check new prices at the website: https://dsm.usz.edu.pl/en/erasmus-plus/practical-information/accommodation/

    • 24 SEP 21

    Foreigners at USz – phone app

    There is a new app for exchange students and staff available at the Google store. Apple version will be available soon. The app’s goal is to facilitate the stay of English-speaking students, researchers, and visitors at the USz. Above all, the app serves as a guide for foreigners at the USz, in order to make it

    • 20 AUG 21

    Rules of entry to Poland

    As the beginning of the new academic year approached, you can check rules of entry to Poland at the website of the Polish Border Guard: https://strazgraniczna.pl/pl/cudzoziemcy/covid-epidemia-koronawi/8578,Outbreak-of-coronavirus-rules-of-entry-and-stay-on-the-territory-of-the-Republic.html   If you come to Germany first and then to Poland (e.g. you come to Berlin by plane and then you go to Szczecin by bus), please  also check