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Bilateral agreements - incoming students: Formal Procedures 2018/2019

How to apply

Application procedure
The first step when applying for a study period at the University of Szczecin is when the HEI (higher education institution) partner sends the nomination of the selected students. The nomination should be sent via e-mail to the person responsible for incoming students at the International Office (see: Contact Us section) and they should include student’s: name, surname, sex, e-mail address, field of study, department and the semester chosen at the University of Szczecin. The next step is for the selected students to send us their application documents.

Application documents

On-line Application in the DreamApply system
The nominated students apply on-line with the use of the DreamApply system. Each nominated person receives a number that should be used as a reference code for application.

Learning Agreement (download)
The student should also prepare their Learning Agreement, which must be approved by the responsible person(s) at the home HEI, and then upload it (the scanned version) into their DreamApply individual account. It is important not to make any changes to one’s signed LA, the section BEFORE THE MOBILITY, after arrival. This section contains the following tables:
a) Table A – courses that the student will take at the University of Szczecin;
b) Table B – courses at the student’s home university which correspond to the courses in table A.
NB: The Learning Agreement must be accepted by the Faculty hosting the student before their arrival

The following items must be uploaded into the DreamApply account together with the Learning Agreement:

  • copy of student’s passport or identity card
  • European health insurance card (EHIC) or any private health insurance, valid for the entire period of study in Poland
  • English certificate confirming language competence at minimum B1 level (according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) issued by an accredited body.
    OR a confirmation of placement test results at minimum B1 level (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) issued by the relevant unit at the home HEI.
    OR the results of the Online Linguistic Support test (printscreen).
    This requirement does not apply to students nominated to study foreign languages at the Faculty of Philology or Italian Studies at the Faculty of Theology.

Acceptance e-mail/letter
After the student has been successfully accepted by the Faculty, an acceptance e-mail is sent to the student. The University of Szczecin can send acceptance letters for exchange students upon request, but only for visa requirements. The acceptance email is an official confirmation that the student has been accepted to the University of Szczecin. The email/letter is necessary to apply for a residence permit or to start the visa procedure in the student’s home country.

Deadlines for nomination/application
For the winter semester:
Nomination no later than 30th April, application documents no later than 31st May
For the summer semester:
Nomination no later than 30th November, application documents no later than 31st December.

On your arrival

Incoming students should notify the International Office and their student tutors about their arrival in advance.
At the beginning of each semester the International Office organizes a Welcome Day for all Erasmus+ programme incoming students. Students not attending the Welcome Day should register at the International Office at their earliest convenience:
International Office (Dział Spraw Międzynarodowych)
Al. Papieża Jana Pawła II 31, 3rd floor, room 310
Contact Person for Incoming Students: Żaklin Skokowska
Telephone no: (+48 91) 444 10 18, Fax no: (+48 91) 444 10 84

Opening hours:
Monday: 12pm – 2pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 9.30 am – 2.30 pm
Friday: CLOSED

Making changes to the Learning Agreement (download):

  1. Students are allowed to make changes to their LAs within 3 weeks from the beginning of each semester. Any changes made after this time will not be approved by the responsible person(s) at the University of Szczecin;
  2. Changes can be made in the section DURING THE MOBILITY (only!). This section should be filled on the basis of the section “Before the mobility”.
    The section contains the following tables:

    • Table C – courses that the student wants to add or delete from the list in table A;
    • Table D – courses at the student’s home university which correspond to the added courses in table C.

After filling in the section “DURING THE MOBILITY”, the student should have it signed by Departmental and Faculty Coordinators at the University of Szczecin, as well as by a responsible person at the student’s home university and then upload the document using their DreamApply individual account.

Before you leave

Once the student has completed all their courses and knows the results of their exams, they should fill in the Examination sheet with all the courses that are to be included in the recognition outcomes. It should include the title of the course, the number of ECTS credits, the local grade, the name and the signature of the teacher, and stamp and signature of the Faculty Coordinator. The Examination sheet should then be uploaded into the student’s DreamApply individual account. The examination sheet will be either given by the dean’s office at the student’s faculty or, in case the dean’s office does not provide students with such documents, it should be downloaded from the IO website (download Examination sheet).

Examination sheets not including the information mentioned above will not be accepted.
On the basis of the above-mentioned examination sheet, a responsible person at the International Office will fill out the section AFTER THE MOBILITY of the student’s Learning Agreement. Note that no additional documents will be issued to confirm the student’s study period. The dates of the student’s study period are the start and the end dates of the semester.